Pieces Of Light (Dinah Harris Mystery 3)

by Anchor
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Rage and Redemption Lie At The Heart Of This Mystery! The third book in the exciting Dinah Harris fiction series!
The city of Washington D.C. is gripped in terror as religious icons and buildings are targeted at an alarming rate by an elusive and deadly serial bomber. Former FBI agent Dinah Harris consults on the case and quickly finds subtle messages from the killer pointing to Celia, a woman who holds the real key to solving this crisis. It becomes clear that the bomber is on a mission to rid the city of religion and establish a \'new world order\' of secular humanism. Dinah learns more about the bomber\'s disturbing worldview while authorities race to stop the violence before more lives can be lost.
As Dinah becomes closer to Celia in order to trap the bomber, she discovers a young Christian struggling in her church, while dealing with past and ongoing domestic violence. Celia\'s experience with the church\'s silence in these matters has disillusioned her. As Dinah confronts doubt and troubling questions of faith, she will struggle to triumph in a story that highlights the redemptive grace of Christ to change even the most broken or evil life.