Personal & Social Skills

by Kagan Publishing
Develop your students' social and emotional skills with these 38 cooperative and engaging activities. Each activity is based on a Kagan Structure. For example, students play Find Someone Who to appreciate diversity in the classroom. The activities are divided into three main sections. Section 1: Social Skills Development – Activities in this section include getting along, giving compliments, and conflict resolution. Section 2: Emotional Intelligence – Activities in this section provide positive guidance when students are feeling mad, annoyed, lonely, and so on. Section 3: Character Education – Activities in this section explore and develop virtues such as honesty, respect, and cooperation. Many teachers turn to Kagan because students become kinder and more socially adept as they use Kagan Structures daily. This book takes it to the next level with activities explicitly designed to develop students' social skills, character, and emotional intelligence.

Grade Level(s): K-6

Age(s): 5-13