Perils Of Power

by Anchor
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In Perils of Power, Richard Exley takes an in-depth look at immorality in the ministry. It s a complex issue involving the minister s relationship with money, sex and power. There are many factors at work including the minister s self-image and sexual identity, his life-style, his marital relationship, the way he views power and even how he conducts his ministry. Immorality is seldom just a sexual sin and while it is definitely a spiritual problem, it is more than just a spiritual problem. Perils of Power looks beneath the obvious sins of highly visible ministers in an attempt to understand interpersonal dynamics of moral failure among those who recognize it is a deadly sin. Dr. Exley offers scriptural insights and practical strategies for overcoming the temptations we all face. Can immorality in the ministry be prevented? The most honest answer is no; that is, not completely. But rethinking the way we train people for ministry can significantly reduce the casualties.