Perfectly You

by Anchor
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Are You Frustrated by Fear, Insecurity or Intimidation?

Many women struggle with their identity and insecurities. On the outside, we may look like we have it all together, but inside, we often doubt our own abilities and often compare ourselves to everyone else.
Author and Pastor Lisa Kai share from the heart her own personal battle with intimidation. It is a powerful story of a young immigrant and the rejection and shame she felt for being less-than in others eyes. It wasn\'t until many years later that she was set free from her insecurities. Her story sets the framework for how each of us can navigate our own pitfalls and truly find answers to the questions we all face:

o What am I supposed to be doing with my life?
o How do I overcome the lies that I have believed about myself and
learn to walk in the truth of who God says I AM?
o How do I become bold, fearless, brave, and rise-up in Godfidence
(God confidence) and not in my own confidence?
o How do I just be ME?!

In Part Two of this book, Lisa not only tackles each of these questions, but more importantly, she provides the strategies to overcome every pitfall and step into the divine role that God has created for you alone. It\'s time for the fear and insecurity to leave and your gifting\'s to come into full boldness and confidence. Once we recognize our insecurities and expose them, we can be set free. If you are tired of faking it, and are ready to step into your divine purpose, you can experience freedom from insecurity and doubt, and become the person that God designed you to be Perfectly You!