Perfectionism (Hope For The Heart)

by Anchor
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Compassionate in its approach, rich with Scripture, and easy-to-understand, this 96-page book is a must-have guide on overcoming (and helping others overcome) perfectionism. Perfectionism includes practical steps and Christian advice on how to break free from the unrealistic expectations and self-defeating thoughts that keep perfectionists stuck in a prison of performance.

Freedom from perfectionism begins at the point of truth - God\'s truth. In this quick-reference minibook, June Hunt unpacks key Bible verses to deepen your understanding of what it means to be made \perfect\ in Christ. Experience the freedom that comes from replacing your fear of failure with the unshakable truth of God\'s unconditional love.

Designed for individual use or for friends, pastors, Christian counselors, and church leaders to give to those struggling with perfectionism.

Get key definitions, such as the difference between perfectionism disorder and a pursuit of excellence
Find out the signs and common characteristics of a perfectionist
Discover practical solutions rooted in the Word of God on how to find freedom from perfectionism
Dive into relevant stories that shed light on God\'s perspective of perfectionism, including the story of Mary and Martha.