Paul Didn't Eat Pork

by Anchor
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Was Paul the inventor of Christianity? Did he leave Judaism to form the doctrines of a new religion? Derek Leman writes from a Messianic Jewish perspective, presenting Paul as a Torah-faithful follower of the Jewish Messiah. Yet Paul was called to the non-Jewish peoples to bring the good news of Yeshua (Jesus). Leman explains Paul\'s practice in Acts, his distinction between Jewish and Gentile relationship to Torah, and how his letters reflect the way of life he taught non-Jews in Christ. Ch 1: Paul, the Misunderstood Pharisee Ch 2: Paul Against the Torah? Ch 3: Acts and Paul Ch 4: Beginning to Understand Galatians Ch 5: Unraveling the Drama of Galatians Ch 6: Romans, Israel and the Gentiles Ch 7: Ephesians 2, One New Man Ch 8: Paul\'s Kingdom Thought Ch 9: Paul\'s Message in a Nutshell Appendices: FAQ\'s About Torah Observance What should Torah-observance look like?