Pathway To The Palace

by Anchor
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Among the Bible\'s most compelling characters is Esther, who started as a Jewish orphan girl and ended up becoming the queen of Persia. Yet her promotion to the palace was not based on looks, talent, wealth, or pedigree. Esther qualified to be queen because she was a standard setter--an individual with exemplary character and uncompromising integrity. And her story serves as the underlying example for readers in Pathway to the Palace, Danette Crawford’s latest book.

Today, more than ever, the world is in need of standard setters who will prioritize God\'s kingdom purposes and act as an example for their peers. God is calling all Esthers--those whose character is worthy not only to take them to the palace but to keep them there, as well.
In Pathway to the Palace, Danette Crawford explores the particular traits of Esther that qualified her to set a standard in the kingdom, including obedience, humility, integrity, and focus. She explains to her readers that, when they fine-tune their own character through the steps she sets forth, based on the example of Esther, then they, too, can ascend to a place of influence and set a standard of godliness for their generation.

The book is divided into three main parts. Part I, “Hear the Call,” confronts reader with the fact of their divine calling, as well as assures them of divine equipping as they prepare for the “palace,” or their particular place of influence. Part II, “Pass the Tests,” helps readers to evaluate their own state of preparedness in terms of kingdom character and spurs them toward character development in the areas of favor, humility, obedience, integrity, and spiritual beauty. Part III, “Take Your Place in the Palace,” prepares readers to set a godly standard in their particular sphere of influence. It includes keys to maintaining their character during times of trial and testing. Each chapter concludes with a study guide to help readers apply the material to their own unique situations.

Ideal for personal use or group studies, Pathway to the Palace urges readers to answer the call to attain godly character and set a standard for their generation. In this day of declining morals and compromised standards, there is an unprecedented need for individuals who will stand up for God and refuse to stoop to the level of their peers. With the encouragement and spiritual wisdom found in this timely message from Danette Crawford, readers will find inspiration and equipping to take their place in the palace and set a lasting standard in God’s kingdom.