Path Of The Warrior

by Anchor
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Follow a Canadian soldier through two tough tours in Afghanistan; in a story of adventure of hope. After losing two friends in southern Afghanistan, Cpl Nathan Justice became a Christian. God then called him back to the front lines with a deeper mission; to learn the Path of the Warrior. We are all called to be a warrior, though few of us see ourselves as one. \This is a world where to chose the side of good . . . brings you into conflict with evil,\ says Justice. The Path of the Warrior reveals how God finds us, redeems us, and then sends us back into the battle for the sake of others. Join Justice, as he and his platoon learn spiritual lessons deep in the warzone of Southern Afghanistan. An inspiring story of brotherhood, hope, and hardship and how God shines His light through them all. Join the adventure and learn to walk the Path of the Warrior