Parts Of Speech

by Thomas Klise
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This fine series defines and explains the rules of usage for all the major parts of speech. In addition to an original narrative and colorful artwork, The Parts of Speech contains numerous interactive features that will serve to elucidate the parts of speech for students of many different ages. Each of the programÕs six sections includes numerous exercises and questions that will test a studentÕs knowledge of the parts of speech, and a unique scoring system for test results. In addition, the program features dozens of ancillary activities, such as educational games, puzzles, and classroom projects. Another function allows teaching material to be modified and printed to create worksheets, assignments, and quizzes. The program includes the following six lessons: Introducing the Noun, Meeting the Pronoun, Getting to Know the Verb, Discovering the Adjective and Adverb, Encountering the Conjunction and Preposition Conjunctions, and Understanding the Interjection. Grades 5-12.