Parenting (Hope For The Heart) (Single)

by Anchor
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Kids are a lot like kites-struggling to become airborne, yet need the stability of the string. A kite is not designed to be possessively protected inside the home. Though separation is painful, God designed your role as a parent to prepare your kite" for flight. As the fragile frame dives again and again, don't be emotionally torn by the changing winds. Keep running with your child, releasing more and more string into the Lord's sovereign hands. June Hunt gives practical advice and Biblical wisdom on how to be a great parent. Did you know, *God ordained roles for mothers and fathers *The different parenting styles that lead to problems *The proper balance between love and limits *The process of "letting go" and allowing your child to soar *The hope God has for hurting parents Enjoy a Biblical checklist for parenting that includes bullet points like: *Regard your children *Approach parenting goals and actions with your spouse *Take every opportunity to teach spiritual truths *How to effectively discipline your children *And much more The role of a father and the role of a mother are different. You child is looking to each spouse for different needs and acknowledgements. Learn what they are and how you can be proactive in the role that the Lord has given to you. Your child is a gift from God. The most compelling behavior you can model before your child is to reflect the character of Christ. It's never too late to begin taking steps toward godly parenting. This mini-book is a quick overview and is easy-to-understand. It focuses on the key issues and is perfect for the busy person who needs instant advice.