Paint & Clay 4 Set Mushroom Stamper

by Learning Advantage
Create artistic patterns with paint, clay and DIY projects with Paint and Clay Mushroom Stampers! This 4-piece set includes 4 different stampers, each with a different pattern: circles (recessed and raised), swirls with dots and raised pyramids. Create patterns on paintings, paper borders, posters, cards and more! As children craft, they develop imagination, creative expression, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. These paint and dough tools feature spherical, easy to hold handles. Ideal for those with special needs, the ergonomic handle design provides greater comfort and control. Made of thick rubber, these stampers will last for years of arts and crafts. For ages 2+. Size: 2.25"H x 2" dia.

Key Features :

This set includes 4 mushroom-shaped, semispherical stampers each with a different pattern: recessed circles, raised circles, swirls with dots and raised pyramids.These paint and dough stampers feature ball-shaped rubber handles which nest comfortably in small hands. Perfect for those with special needs!Children love to add exciting patterns and textures to their paint, clay and dough creations.Made of thick rubber, these art tools are durable for endless stamping and creating. They can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water!