Out Of The Box Releasing Spiri

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Have you ever encountered a gift that was adorned with such beautiful wrapping that it was almost too pretty to open? Its paper and bow were wrapped to perfection resembling that of a work of art. Well, imagine if the gift was left wrapped, intact and unopened. Eventually the exquisitely wrapped package would become faded, tattered and frayed from exposure and it would therefore lose its appeal and still the true gift would remain unknown. Sadly, many people walk around appearing to have it altogether on the outside, yet inside they feel inadequate and unfulfilled. Well, God has a gift for you! In Out of the Box Releasing the Spirit Within, debut author Robin L. Anderson, invites you to read her testament to the gift of receiving Jesus into your life. Anderson lets you in on a secret that renders life altering results. Despite life's so called successes career, money, clothes, car and the like, NOTHING fills the void like receiving the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. In her heartfelt book, she invites the reader to examine themselves and discover whats really missing in their lives. What we see on the outside isn't always what is true on the inside. Anderson provides insight and exposes her life's journey towards salvation to encourage the reader to unwrap the bows that may have restricted them; tear off the papers of disappointment and confusion; and step out of the box that may have stored away hidden fears and a life of emptiness. Anderson reveals that often its that inner strength, inner beauty the Spirit within that allows one to shine on the outside and become the real man or woman that God purposed us to be.