Orphan King (Merlins Immortals V1)

by Anchor
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Since Stonehenge, the ancient and mystery-shrouded Druids have been ghostly hunters, infiltrating the highest power circles of each new conqueror of Britain. Merlin himself was a Druid, until rebelling against them. He established his own line of descendents, bequeathing them the power and knowledge to hunt the Druids.

It is a dark time in medieval Europe. A young man, Thomas, journeys to an isolated castle, unaware of his ancestry, roots that stretch back to the Byzantine Empire. Thomas doesn\'t realize that he carries the secrets needed to re-conquer the castle for the Merlins. At stake is the direction of mankind\'s future because the Druids have the ability to end all progress in science, medicine and technologies, thus ensuring the Dark Ages continue for centuries more.