Operation Hope

by wasSTL
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The Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard were among the initial responders to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Many of the soldiers working the natural disaster had never seen such human devastation while others were war hardened veterans. The story of how the Citizen Soldiers responded to and were affected by Katrina needs to be told.Hurricane Katrina was and still is a hot topic. As a category 5 hurricane, Katrina intensified as a story once it made landfall while the storm itself dissipated. Soldiers often do the work, the real dirty work with little or no recognition. As a chaplain I worked with these soldiers, heard their stories, walked with them as they slowly wore down form the physical and psychological stress brought on by such human devastation.Whereas my primary responsibility is to soldiers addressing how the mission affects them, helping them to deal with the spiritual and moral issues that surface in such a disaster, the book also walks the reader through how the storm affected the citizens of New Orleans telling several of their stories. Anyone who has suffered loss form a natural disaster or watched as Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast will enjoy reading this story. The book gives hope and inspiration addressing the issue of suffering and how God can and will use it to help us grow. I firmly believe that our finest hour and greatest opportunity to exhibit our faith comes out of our greatest moment of despair. This book illustrates just that.