One Jesus Loves

by Anchor
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The felt need of most Christians is the desire to grow closer in relationship with God. In The One Jesus Loves, Bob Crosby shows readers how to deepen their personal relationship with God by considering Jesus? ?circles of intimacy??especially those who walked closest to him.All of us want to feel connected, a part of the circles in which we run. We don?t want to feel like the odd man out. Jesus had an inner circle. As a matter of fact, he had several circles of relationships around him. While many filled the outermost rings of spectator and acquaintance, only a few followed all the way to the most intimate places. Jesus was constantly and winsomely working to bring people closer to himself, calling them out of the far reaches and toward the inner circles. This was his passion. In an age that is desperate for God, how do we press in to become like the two disciples who asked if they could sit right next to Jesus, at his right and at his left? Can we join God?s inner circle? How can we make sure that we are on the closer path?