One Green Thing (Apr 2022)

by Anchor
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Unlock your eco-friendly superpower in this revolutionary call to action, and create a daily practice of sustainability to protect the environment.Have you ever felt paralyzed when you?ve grasped the enormity of the climate crisis? If so, you can turn that sense of helplessness into a sense of accomplishment with small, consistent actions. Setting an intention each day to take a small step--to do ?one green thing? to care for the planet--can help ease your anxiety about the future, push the culture toward climate solutions, and create a sense of joy.One Green Thing is an instructive and inspiring guide for environmentally conscious readers who are looking to make meaningful change by leaning into their personal strengths.After taking the Service Superpower Profile Assessment, you?ll learn which type best suits your personality. Based on your profile, you?ll then be equipped toDevelop an individualized Eco-Action PlanUse the Eco-Impact Calculator to assess the value of different actionsMeasure your progress with the Joy TrackerWrite about your experience using provided journal prompts that encourage you to reflect on your experiencesThis book will help you embrace hope as you discover your Service Superpower and help save the planet--one green thing at a time.