On Purpose

by Anchor
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xtraordinary Is a ChoiceIn On Purpose, productivity expert Tanya Dalton propels you to ask and answer your own deepest questions. Offering cutting-edge research and thought-provoking infographics, she leads you through innovative exercises designed to help you understandhow to create a map to your ideal future;actionable strategies to move forward with confidence;simple shifts to turn unexpected obstacles into opportunities; anddaily steps you can take toward a more fulfilling life. Tanya doesn?t tell you what to think. She empowers you to choose how to think. She doesn?t help you fit in with the status quo; instead she shakes the foundation of how you view the world. Because it?s your world, and it?s filled with opportunities you might not even realize are there.Living On Purpose isn?t about changing who you are. It?s about rising up and becoming the best version of you. It?s about adjusting your mindset so you can discover your daily choices. It?s about finding the unhurried purpose that is hidden in each one of your days when you stay true to your soul?s path.It?s Time to Choose to Be Extraordinary