Omniscient A Novel By David

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IN TODAYS SOCIETY, we are being watched, whether its the camera on the stoplight that takes our picture as we run the red light or the nosy neighbor next door who likes to relate the details of our comings and goings to whomever will listen. BUT WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you discovered your every move had been recorded-every moment of joy, every moment of sin-and was currently on display in your basement? This is the dilemma faced by James Carlise, a typical thirtysomething Christian whose seemingly perfect life is thrown into a whirlwind of confusion when he is forced to come face to face with every detail of his past and present in living color. IN HIS DEBUT NOVEL, DAVID SCHMITTOU tackles one of the most pressing issues facing Christians today-accountability. We often forget that even if no one is watching, and even if our sin is only in our own minds, God knows our hearts. The great news, though, is that we are not our pasts, and with God watching over us, we are loved and protected throughout all the days of our lives on Earth.