Occult Invasion

by wasSTL
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Materialism is dead. It is no longer the brain, a mass of matter, that is credited with thought, but the mind, a nonphysical entity that is not part of the brain or any other part of the body and thus could apparently survive the death of the body. Unfortunately, while the delusionary lie of materialism has been largely discredited, it has been replaced by a new spirituality that still remains tied to this universe and to science. There is a belief in nonphysical "entities," including "angels," but their identity is decided entirely on the basis of what they say about themselves. At the same time, there is an even greater skepticism toward belief in demons, Satan, the God of the Bible, and Jesus Christ as the only Savior. Many people who call themselves Christians are drawn into the occult because it acknowledges the reality of the soul and spirit and can even sound biblical in doing so. This apparent agreement with the Bible is adeliberate setup by Satan in order to lead simple souls into deeper deception. Biblical prophets and Jesus Christ himself warned of a great spiritual delusion and occult seduction in a period of time called the "last days" just prior to Christ's return. The warnings concerned "false prophets" who would perform "great signs and wonders" that would be so convincing that "if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" (Matthew 24:24). Paul also warned of a false "signs and wonders" movement in the last days (2 Timothy 3:8). What are the deadly strategems of God's sworn enemy-and how can they be discerned?