Not By Sight

by Anchor
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To walk by faith, one needs courage and humility because you need to shut your eyes to the pessimism of this world and be led by the promises of blessing your Heavenly Father has for you. Living by Faith, contrary to what many believe, is actually designed for superior minds with the ability to speak and act according to what really is true –the Word of God. Dare to always challenge your faith for it’s the most powerful and effective tool you have for daily living and extraordinary miracles of healing and provision in your daily life. Just believe and declare for supernatural results in your life!Press forward in faith and not by sight. Our senses can easily deceive us, but God’s care for us is eternal. I can bear witness to this time and time again first-hand. It’s not about vehemently declaring that we are believers, but about reflecting it every step of the way, even in the simplest and most mundane things. Because our faith in God is designed to sustain us in everything. It’s not a matter of religion but of everyday living. It’s about opening our eyes each morning and entrusting all that we are to God -all that we say, think, do, dream and desire. If we choose to activate our faith and work hard the right way, He’ll take care of the results in every area of our life, be they spiritual, emotional, physical, relational or financial.Living by faith in God is both simple and challenging at the same time. I always sum it up in this phrase: “Give yourself to the Lord.” This covers a number of things from knowing His Word where we find our identity and code of conduct, to our attitude in every situation in life, be it large or small.Whenever they ask me how is it possible to raise a ministry such as Casa de Dios, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it’s only been by believing God wholeheartedly, following His instructions and honoring Him for His faithfulness! 35 years of walking in faith has given me the assurance that God is never looking for perfect people but for humble hearts willing to believe Him at His Word. And if He could do with me what some deem impossible, then He can surely do it with you too, because I’m no more than a simple man who chose to walk the path that God selected. If you have a dream in your life, or goals to reach and projects to fulfill, then LIVE BY FAITH! If your one of those people that feel blessed and get up every morning wanting more, or perhaps you’re going through a difficult trial right now, no matter your situation, I can assure you that you’ll soon be sharing about a new season of miracles in your life! Live by faith!