Noah In Ancient Greek Art

by wasSTL
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The Greeks knew exactly who Noah was: they called him Nereus, the Wet One. Noah was not some vague figure remembered by a few maverick Greek artists. Greek artists and sculptors actually defined the rapid growth of their contrary religious outlook in direct relation to Noah and his loss of authority. Greek artists portrayed the VICTORY of their man-centered religion as the simultaneous DEFEAT of Noah and his Yahweh-believing children. The 12 labors of Herakles (the Nimrod of Genesis) sculpted on the temple of Zeus at Olympia (Section III), in and of themselves, chronicled and celebrated mankind's successful rebellion against Noah and his God after the Flood. The most important part of this book may be Section IV which explains why the scholarly world remains blind to the obvious and simple historical truths expressed in ancient art. The book includes over 130 illustrations, including computer reconstructions of ancient sculptures by Holmes Bryant. You will understand the meaning of ancient Greek art once you've read this book.