No Compromise (25th Anniversary Ed)

by Anchor
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The 25th Anniversary Edition of Keith Green\'s inspiring biography, revised and updated by his wife, Melody. This expanded biography contains many added stories and insights, never before published photos, extra selections from Keith\'s private journals, and glimpses into Melody\'s season of grieving and raising their two surviving children on her own.

He was only twenty-eight when he died in a plane crash with two of his small children, but singer/songwriter Keith Green had already created a legacy of music and inspiration that would outlive him. A spiritual revolutionary, he found freedom through Jesus, not religion, and spent his last years convincing others to refuse to accept the status quo and instead to bring compassion and honesty back to the church. He touched people through vibrant lyrics in songs like \Your Love Broke Through,\ \You Put This Love In My Heart,\ and \Asleep In The Light.\ Last Days Ministries, which he and his wife Melody founded, went on to challenge thousands of people to take to the mission fields of the world. Now, on the 25th anniversary of his death, Melody has updated her husband\'s biography with new photos, essays from current musicians who were influenced by Keith, selections from Keith\'s private journal, and stories about what it was like raising their two remaining children on her own