NKJV New Testament, Flipback Edition (Comfort Print)-Softcover

by Anchor
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A breakthrough pocket-sized New Testament design that\'s truly easy to read.The NKJV Flipback New Testament is your answer to “Should I bring my Bible with me today?” This small edition is a convenient solution for those moments in your day when you can put your phone down and pick up God\'s Word. The European design innovation means you don\'t have to compromise the size of the volume for the size of the text. You\'ll be amazed that the Scripture text in this pocket-sized New Testament is just as readable as the text in full-sized Bibles.Features include:NKJV New Testament text with translation footnotesEuropean design and constructionDurable hardcoverFlexible sewn bindingPremium 30 gsm Bible paperClear and readable 9-point Comfort Print textTrusted by millions of believers around the world, the New King James Version is a bestselling modern “word-for-word” translation. It balances the literary beauty and familiarity of the King James tradition with an extraordinary commitment to preserving the grammar and structure of the underlying biblical languages. And while the translators relied on the traditional Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic text used for the 1611 KJV, the comprehensive translator notes offer important insights about the latest developments in biblical manuscript studies. The result is a Bible translation that is both beautiful and uncompromising--perfect for serious study, devotional use, and reading aloud.