Necessary Christian, The

by Anchor
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Heaven, we have a problem! Cobwebs line the interiors of our great cathedrals. The number of disciples in need of a good dusting off is growing like a well-watered weed! God\'s house has become an echoing and lonely place, its sanctuaries largely vacated. Hordes of professing believers worldwide no longer posses a biblical worldview or identify with Jesus\' Kingdom values and redemptive agenda; they\'ve either fallen asleep at the mission wheel or gone MIA altogether. Its preoccupation with traditions and divisions along with its frequent scandals and indifference to the Great Commission have reduced the Church\'s message to words written in sand, being blown away by the slightest of winds coming from a biblically antagonistic culture. If we believe God is a big God, that everything He is and does is beyond containing, then why shouldn\'t His plans for His people be just as huge? Many Christians, however, are settling for an uninspired, sleepy-eyed, and even defeated spiritual life. As Jesus\' return draws ever closer, the pulse of our end-time world is growing weaker; it\'s dying for Christians to be resuscitated (revived and renewed) in their faith and ministry resolve. A new and necessary righteousness in the form of an epic spiritual recovery in the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ is long overdue!