My Hair-Raising And Heartwarming Adventures As A Pet Sitter (Feb 2020)

by Anchor
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Encounters with Animals, Lessons from God What do an ailing goat, a high-strung Australian Shepherd, and a raucous rooster all have in common? Professional pet sitter Christi Grace has cared for them all, and each of their stories reveal sweet spiritual truths about our relationship with God.   In her twelve years of working with animals and their owners, Christi has experienced emotions ranging from happiness to heartache and everything in between. Let her introduce you to some of her most unforgettable clients:Ginger — a goat whose value far outweighs her $35 price tagZinnia — a medium-sized dog with big trust issuesRocko — a barnyard bully of a rooster who guards the chicken yard with unabandoned zealShiloh — a horse who lives up to his name by bringing peace to all he meetsJoy — a woman who proves that sometimes it’s not the animal but the owner whose life is impacted when a pet sitter comes to call  These and other memorable characters make this book a must-read for animal lovers or anyone who needs a little more faith and inspiration from above.