My God, My Companion

by Anchor
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God so loves the world that He gives... We are put on this world to enjoy the perfection of God, and this perfection is everywhere. You may react by saying that perfection and goodness are not to be found in your daily life. That may be so, but the potential of divine Goodness is always present and always ready. \Lo, I am with you alway\ (Matthew 28:20) is a divine Truth and always at hand-that is, not only in all time, but in all ways and conditions. The perfection of God is here now for our enjoyment. Progress in your life, your outlook for the future, and increasing optimism and tolerance are the practical fruits of effective prayer. We walk with God by enjoying divine Bounty, Wisdom, and Beauty, but the question is, how do we make all of this practical? The simple truth is that we cannot achieve this on our own. Our walk to Emmaus must include the tender, ever-loving divine Companion. Working with passages of scripture that relate to the challenges most of us face, this book suggests insights, interpretations, and some practical applications. This is an enjoyable process. If your experience is that of others, you will look back and marvel at the goodness and harmony that now characterizes your life. God\'s goodness always surpasses our expectations. Thus it can be truly said that we are here on this earth to have life, and to have it more abundantly.