Multi-Instrument Classroom Set- 15 Players

by EDResources
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Our Rhythm Instrument Sets include an assortment of instrument combinations, ideal for accommodating different numbers of players in a classroom. The assortments have each been carefully selected to provide a wide range of rhythm, timbre and pitch. 15 Player Set Includes: 1 Sand Block Pair, 1 Single Jingle Tap, 1 Crow Sounder, 1 Two Tone Sounder, 1 5 inch Cymbals, 1 Ankle Bells, 1 4 inch Triangle, 1 Hardwood Claves, 1 Handle Sleigh Bell, 1 Soprano Sounder 1 Rhythms, Rhymes & Songs Book. 2 Wrist Bells2 Rhythm Sticks Includes corrugated carrying case.