Move On: A DVD-Based Study Guide

by Anchor
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Most people will live theirentire lives attempting to clean up their messes on their own or will hidetheir messes under a multitude of modern-day fig leaves. Are you weary ofhiding and pretending? If so, it?s time to find the courage to come clean aboutthe mess you are. It?s time to lay your heart and soul bare before the Lord andsay, ?I?m not okay, and I need your help.? Say goodbye to thatperson you?ve been pretending to be and celebrate the person God created you tobe: a gloriously imperfect mess who is loved by a perfect and holy God.This study guide is designed for use with Move On: A DVD Study (sold separately)and provides individual and group activities, between-session personal studies,quotes, and additional material that will enhance your experience of the videosessions.