Moody Pews

by wasSTL
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The Moody Pews is a trippy ride through 52 devotionals that reconnects Baby Boomers/Gen Xers to the gospel through the pop culture of the 1960's, 70's and 80's. Learn character development through The Beatles or Rod Stewart, and contemplate theology with Janis Joplin or the song Bye-Bye Miss American Pie. Understand your place in the Body of Christ through M*A*S*H TV reruns or Leave it to Beaver insights. Find definitions for salvation and faith through Dr. Seuss, McDonald's, or Bob Dylan. Check out your own spiritual mental health with George Carlin and Lost in Space TV show. Celebrate your family with The Pointer Sisters and teach charity and service to others with Green Acres and The Hollies. This pop culture gospel book is sure to reconnect any boomer to their youth and allow them to see their wild era experiences through the eyes of God, some rock and roll, and grace. Funny, easy to embrace, grace inspiring and yet unusually deep makes The Moody Pews a comfortable approach to Christian growth.