Miracle of God's Grace, A

by Anchor
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When things really get tough, when there seems to be no way for things to get better, when you feel utterly abandoned by Him, have you ever wondered, \'Where is God?\'This is the story of a woman\'s struggles with abuse, alcoholism, her own depression, and memories that began to surface twenty-seven years after a devastating incident in her life. When that memory surfaced, everything looked hopeless.The author wants you to know how she, an imperfect woman whose faith was deeply tested, came through it all. She came through nightmares, terrible temptations, demonic influences, and healing dreams-and not only did she survive, but she has grown in her faith because of what God did for her.God did what was impossible. In this book, you will see how she was helped and saved after going through experiences no one should have to go through. But God was there with her and brought her to a blessed place.