Math Vocabulary Flash Cards Gr 3-5

by New Path Learning
SKU: ERSNP-433011
NewPath's Math Vocabulary Builder Flash Card Sets provide comprehensive coverage of the key terms in the current state and national standards. Colorfully illustrated, the cards can be used to conduct a variety of engaging activities and games which foster lasting understanding of key concepts. Printed on 4" x 5.5" heavy stock, each of the 200 cards per set features the term, its pronunciation and a graphic depiction on one side and the term's definition on the reverse. The cards are ideal for use in individual or small group review or on "word walls", bulletin boards or as pocket charts. In addition to the cards, each set also includes a Teacher Resource Guide with suggested activities.

Key Features :

Colorful, Double-Sided Cards Provide Graphic Overview of Key Math TermsIdeal for Individual/Small Group Review or for Use on "Word Walls", Bulletin Boards or Pocket ChartsTerm and Associated Image on Once Side with Definition on ReverseIncludes 200 Color Cards Printed on 4" x 5 1/2" Heavy StockIncludes Teacher Resource Guide with Suggested Activities and Games