Managing Your Emotions (Renew & Restore Bible Studies) (Apr)

by Anchor
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God designed us to have emotions, but he doesn’t want us to be controlled by them! In this Bible study, readers will learn how to master their emotions and achieve inner peace.We all have emotional ups and downs—they’re part of everyday life. But some days, our feelings can seem out of control. We find ourselves reacting to everything that lands in front of us. We live at the mercy of our emotions, and we feel like we just can’t help it.But it doesn’t have to be this way.We can’t control what we feel, but we can manage how we react to those emotions. We can take the time to understand the feelings that God has given us, explore what God says about them in His Word, and learn His techniques for how to manage them. When we do, it becomes easier to set down the things that are troubling us and make room for joy in our lives.Perfect for personal reflection or small groups, this Bible study will help you detach from the emotions that shape your day and cultivate the attitude you want.