Mainline Or Methodist?

by Anchor
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The dynamic history and identity of the United Methodist Church is lost among the pluralistic landscape in America today. As a living organism, the church can expect to evolve alongside and within resident culture. The problem, according to lifelong member and author Kisker, is the United Methodist Church seems to have lost its missional foundation as it climbed to mainline American Protestant church status. Trying to be both mainline and Methodist is a deadly combination. In fact, it\'\'s a leading cause for the denomination\'\'s spiritual and numerical decline. In his passionate yet critical review, Kisker says we must reclaim the rich roots of salvation, disciple-making and witness that made the tradition so strong. In Mainline or Methodist? he reveals what\'\'s not working and unveils a vision to renewal that embodies the distinctive Wesleyan tradition of the apostolic and universal Christian faith. ?Dr. Scott Kisker is calling us to appropriate the distinctive Wesleyan tradition for a new day. Claiming our identity as the embodiment of the Wesleyan tradition will not only solve our church?s identity crisis, but also enable us to fulfill the mission of the body of Christ to be the means by which people hear the Gospel, live holy lives, and witness to God?s power to transform the world.?  Bishop Tim W. Whitaker The United Methodist Church