Lucifer Scroll The

by Anchor
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Legends say the spear offers immortality and world dominance. "Rulers and emperors from Charlemagne to Hitler killed for it. " "But they were hunting a fake; the real icon remained hidden. " In Istanbul, historian Huw Griffiths stumbles upon an old manuscript in the ruins of a recently uncovered church. It points to a scroll that could lead to the spear's discovery. Vengeful Druids determined to destroy western culture, especially Christianity, and enraged over the loss of Excalibur to Griffiths and his American colleague Stone Wallace, latch on to the new find. Their goal: kill the pair and seize the icon. A deadly pursuit follows from Istanbul to the Austrian Tyrol and across Wales and Germany, swooping through Canada and New Mexico to a deadly confrontation in a sleepy Illinois town. Terrorism and death swirl into a terrifying journey that skirts the borders of the Druid underworld, for the scroll reveals the hiding place of the Spear of Destiny-the spear thrust into Jesus Christ at the crucifixion. As the hunters close in on the Lucifer Scroll, the question becomes who will get there first. ..".a fresh telling of one of the great myths of western culture."