Lost Girl

by Anchor
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Have you ever met someone who defied all odds?Meet Rebecca Contreras. Born into poverty to a drug-addicted mother, Rebecca has to fight for survival from her very first breath. When she?s five years old, her mother leaves for the store and doesn?t return. This abandonment is one of many betrayals, defining her youth with uncertainty, neglect, and every imaginable type of abuse, including an attempt on her life. A lost girl for almost two decades, formed from dysfunction and stuck in a generational cycle of destruction, the track of Rebecca?s life suddenly changes in a transformative moment. Her hunger to learn overpowers her insecurities and catapults her from a dark trajectory of survival to a level of success most people with college degrees can only aspire to achieve?Texas gubernatorial director to presidential special advisor to millionaire entrepreneur?yet Rebecca soars through them all with a formal education of no more than a GED. Once a mentee, now a mentor. Once a victim, now a boss. Rebecca?s story is proof that with hard work and integrity, you can overcome anything and that with grit, focus, faith, and a relentless pursuit of your passion, doors you could only dream of can open!