Living Unbroken

by Anchor
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With discussion questions, journal prompts, prayers, Scripture verses, real-life stories, teaching videos, and a downloadable leader?s guide, the Living Unbroken Divorce Recovery Workbook is uniquely geared for women-only small groups. This interactive book creates a safe place for women to come together and process their heartbreak and questions. It empowers them to glean encouragement, build companionship, and find spiritual strength to reclaim their lives and happiness after divorce. Women who know the pain of separation or divorce often feel alone, even in the church. This small group companion to Tracie Miles?s honest and groundbreaking book Living Unbroken invites women to take an important step on their journey to healing together. Specifically created for groups of women only, The Living Unbroken Divorce Recovery Workbook offers:Access to 7 videos hosted by the author plus a downloadable leader?s guideJournal prompts, discussion questions, prayers, Scripture verses, and real-life inspirational stories to help hurting women find optimismAction steps such as ?Happiness Prompters? and ?Caring-for-You Reminders?Written for the tens of thousands of Christian women who have experienced divorce and feel unseen, this powerful workbook reminds readers that their identity comes from Christ, not their marital status. Although it?s hard to imagine while overcome by pain, they can indeed discover joy, hope, and self-confidence again.