Living The Maximized Life

by Anchor
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Learn how to make the most of your life starting today! In order to maximize all aspects of your life and to achieve the life God wants for you, believers must actively participate. In \Living the Maximized Life,\ Dr. I.V. Hilliard acts as your personal coach, guiding you step by step through the process of making the most of life, regardless of where you start. He will show you how to maximize your mistakes, the power of your words, the potential of you mind, and the use of your money.Dr. Hilliard offers an easy-to-follow blueprint that features new methods, meditations, mentality, and mechanics for maximizing your life. By delving into Scripture and sharing his own life experiences - as well as those of others who have reached their breaking point and broken through instead of breaking down - Dr. Hilliard raises your awareness of the barriers in your life and how to overcome them.\Living the Maximized Life\ shows you how to realize a life of inner peace, financial success, and personal happiness that God eagerly desires to give.