Living Freely And Lightly

by Anchor
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Your Invitation Awaits Have you ever thought…This life that I?ve made for myself is not quite as I thought it would be. This job is not as fulfilling as I dreamed. My marriage is not making me happy. I have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. I didn?t know parenthood was this hard. I don?t know who I am or who God is anymore.I?m dizzy, but if I stop for a second, the spinning plates will all come crashing down. If you find yourself dissatisfied, disappointed, or discouraged with life, you?re not alone. Prolific blogger and watercolor artist Emily Lex invites you to reclaim your God-given identity. Using Scripture from the book of Matthew to light the way along a path to a more vibrant and unhindered life, Emily shares stories of how she found recovery, rest, and refreshment at the feet of Jesus, and inspires you to do the same. This thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated and packaged collection of essays will help you experience a profound sense of freedom, confidence, peace, and harmony, as you accept the gifts that God has already given you and become who He created you to be.If you long for a life that is unburdened and abundant, you can find it in Jesus. Will you accept His gracious invitation?