Living Amazed

by Anchor
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Popular LIFE Today TV host James Robison shares remarkable stories of divinely directed encounters that testify to God\'\'s ongoing work in the world.

God is working in this world--and He wants to use you to accomplish his purposes

Through his worldwide television ministry and humanitarian efforts, James Robison has had countless opportunities to witness clearly the power of God and His amazing grace. He has shared inspiration and insight with presidents and celebrities, pastors and orphans. These \divine encounters\ have profoundly changed the lives of millions here and around the world.

In this powerful book, Robison shows that you too can witness God at work in transforming ways. Robison\'s remarkable stories and biblical insights will inspire and empower you to

- recognize the spiritual significance of ordinary events
- discover how God orchestrates encounters to change our lives and the lives of others
- see God at work in and through us to make a difference in the world
- learn to live in constant holy amazement of God\'s great love and undeniable transforming power

From the improbable to the extraordinary, these \divine encounters\ will inspire you to begin living amazed as God\'s power flows freely through your yielded life.