Listen, God Is Calling

by Anchor
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Helen Pasanen had a conversion experience at the age of twenty-five, coming to Christ after watching Dr. Billy Graham on television. Subsequently, a near-death experience brought her closer to God and instilled in her a greater sense of mission to tell others that He is only a prayer away. That mission deepened in the mid-1980s, when God began speaking to her in a very deep and personal way, activating in her the gift of prophecy. Ever since, she has been writing and sharing those messages with the world.

\Listen, God Is Calling\ presents prophetic messages in a 365-day devotional, allowing you to more easily meditate each day on the Lord and wonder at the breadth and power of His love. These words of wisdom are especially important to believers in these last days, as He seeks to reveal His heart more urgently than ever to a hurting world.