Like Yourself Love Your Life

by Anchor
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I deserved shame and ridicule...then one day I forgave myself. In the middle of a picture-perfect marriage, Audrey experienced the affair and unexpected pregnancy. Overwhelmed with self-judgment, torment, and consequences, grief began to riddle her life with despair. This once vivacious and confident woman was now lost in the remorse of her choices. Journey with her to the place of newfound realities where hope is realized and dreams are fulfilled. In Like Yourself Love Your Life you will learn: - How to overcome big mistakes in your past - Seven steps to forgiving yourself once and for all - To find the rest and comfort you long for - To be responsible without sacrificing fun - To celebrate and embrace your unique beauty If you are trying to do the right thing, but you\'re tired, stressed by responsibility, and you just can\'t remember the last time you had a good belly laugh, this book offers the life-altering solutions and fun that you\'ve been longing for.