Life Science DVD

by EDResources
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Life Science DVD is useful for parents or grandparents to purchase for kids who love science and want to learn more. It's fun for students at any age, even kids much younger than fifth grade wanting to get an advanced understanding of science concepts. It's also perfect for parents looking to help their students get prepared for standardized science tests, around the fifth grade level and beyond. Good test preparation helps ease anxiety.Kevin is a fifth-grader who actually enjoys taking science tests because he knows the perfect way to become well prepared. Even difficult science concepts can be easy to grasp with clear explanations and animations. Marko, a humanoid pencil, has just the right tips to help Kevin understand science, have fun, and get ready for tests. Marko introduces Kevin to Bailey, a butterfly who is an expert in Life Science. Once they arrive at Marko's Super Science Station, the fun learning begins. Kevin gets ready for his life science test with lessons on plants and photosynthesis, and he has a chance to show off a few things his grandfather taught him about plant reproduction. There's even a surprise visit by legendary rocker "Rubbert Plant," who performs a medley of his hit songs about xylem and phloem cells. Along with our other DVDs, Physical Science and Earth Science, students will have a complete and highly entertaining approach to science test preparation. Teachers love these DVDs for classroom use. They may use certain segments to help explain or introduce concepts that students have trouble grasping. These programs can be an important part of boosting science knowledge and preparing for state-mandated standardized science tests in any state. Marko the Pencil is played by actor Vic Mignogna, Best Actor 2007 American Anime Awards and the voice for many popular video games. Get started immediately by helping your child or your students brush up on life science knowledge and learn some really great test-taking skills.