Life Of Sir Isaac Newton

by Anchor
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Life of Sir Isaac Newton
Author: Assu
This timeless classic demonstrating the human brilliance of this most honored of scientists and man of faith is now available again after more than 100 years. Isaac Newton?s (1642-1727) scientific accomplishments in astronomy, mathematics, and physics form the foundation of many areas of science today, yet you may not know of his incredible beli... more »ef in God that was at the heart of his search for knowledge. This biography delves into: The era of his birth and his upbringing in the Christian faith His studies and how they led to his world-changing discoveries Lessons taught by his life regarding science and Christianity. Sir Isaac Newton, held in highest esteem by both secular and Christian people, devoted his life to discovering the laws that guide God?s creation. Here is a brilliantly restored book from 1907 to read, to display, and to share, bringing inspiration to every reader.