Life In Community

by Anchor
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\All the believers were alone and had nothing in common.\ - Not Acts 2:44\All the believers were together and had everything in common.\ - Acts 2:44. For a world more connected than ever before, many of us are quite alone. People are starved for unpretentious relationships, for friends who truly care.  Even those in our churches are hungry, which is odd, because fellowship is designed to make us full. That design is what Life in Community is all about.Author Dustin Willis doesn\'\'t give us a new vision for community; rather, he helps to reclaim the grandest one ever given: that of the Bible. Anchored in Romans 12, Willis shows how the marks of a Christian require a relationship, and how they lead to dynamic community that strengthens the church and grows God\'\'s kingdom. Follow along with Willis to rediscover the power of relationships marked by the fruit of the Spirit, which the world is hungry for.