LIfe-Changing Bible Verses Every Woman Should Know

by Anchor
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Is it time for you to stretch your spiritual muscles? These encouraging Bible verses from the Old and New Testaments will help you strengthen your devotional life. Each short chapter focuses on several inspirational Bible verses on specific topics and provides timely explanations and applications. Use these readings to guide your Bible memorization or simply to experience God\'s personal touch as He uses His Word to...

encourage, heal, and nourish you
sustain you in difficult times and comfort you in sorrow
instruct you, bringing you wisdom and discernment
keep you from sin and protect you from evil
provide stability in your ever-changing world

As you immerse yourself in these encouraging Bible verses, your desire to read, understand, and memorize God\'s Word will grow. As a result, you\'ll clarify what you believe and be able to speak the truth in love and bring hope to others around you.