Liberty Book

by Anchor
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News reports bring to our ears daily stories of further intrusion in our lives and increased regulations too many to number. We sense that our well-sung liberties are being lost to a point of no return. However, with God’s help freedom can be revived. America is losing its heritage of God-given freedoms, which were originally derived from biblical teaching. We must work to pull America back from the cliff ’s-edge fall into tyranny and restore liberty.
Through Christ, liberty is increasingly achievable.

The Liberty Book will show what Biblically-based liberty looks like and how Christianity brings liberty to the world. It will also show you how liberty can and will be won as it examines:
-The Christian roots of liberty
-Idolatry and taxation
-Foundations for freedom
-The right to bear arms
-The great freedom documents in history • Pro-life and liberty
-Land rights
-Social involvement
And more!

Our nation is again in search of genuine liberty under God, praying and working for the return of liberty for ourselves and our children.