Liberating the Bride of Christ

by Anchor
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\'Can today?s Church truly become the Bride of Christ?The heavenly Father has promised His Son Jesus Christ a glorious Bride, the Church. Yet, the body of Christ today often seems almost powerless, in disunity, and far removed from its high Biblical calling. Faulty teachings and practices have crept into the Church, our focus has faltered, and our passion has faded. How can the Church today change to enter into its full purpose in God?s kingdom? Join Pastor Paul Kimball as he uncovers how the church, down through the centuries, has needlessly become subject to the treacherous power of ancient Babylon, a spirit of dead religion. Our heavenly Father urgently calls the church to become a unified, praying, and powerful force, and we must heed His call. Time is short, and the danger is real. This is the sound of a trumpet! ?Awake, awake, put on thy strength...? (Isaiah 52:1). \'