Letting God Be Enough (Sep)

by Anchor
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veryone thinks you\'ve got it together. But inside, you\'re asking, \'Am I enough?\'No matter how good we look to others, the nagging voice of self-doubt is hard to shake. We ask questions like:If people really knew me would they still accept me?Will I be rejected when I can\'t perform?Can I pull this off?If you have thoughts like these, Erica Wiggenhorn wants to lead you to freedom. Drawing from the story of Moses--the greatest self-doubter in the Bible--Erica shows how self-doubt is tied closely to self-reliance. It\'s only when you cast yourself on God that you find the true source of strength.Are you enough? The answer is no . . . but your God certainly is. Step out in His power instead of your own and watch your confidence blossom because you\'re in the hands of I AM.