Letters from a Big Sister

by Anchor
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Sister, do you know you're not alone?

'Letters from a Big Sister' is a collection of letters written by big sisters in the faith to their little sister-you! In these letters, each big sister tells a story of a challenge she went through as a teen girl and what she learned from that experience. Then Heather highlights key points from each letter and gives practical tools and biblical advice about how to apply that truth to see transformation in your own life.
This book will help you:

-Grow in your friendship with Jesus.
-Live as a daughter of the King.
-Deal with the hard things you're facing, like comparison, anxiety, family issues, dating, social media, and more.

If you're feeling alone and discouraged, or just need a pep talk, this book will remind you that if God can do it for your big sis, He will do it for you too!