Let's All Be Brave

by Anchor
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Host of the popular That Sounds Fun podcast Annie F. Downs calls readers to grab hold of the life they so desperately desire. With her trademark self-deprecating humor, she offers wisdom on how to follow God\'s path and choose to be brave. A great companion to 100 Days to Brave. This edition includes a new cover and an all-new introduction from Annie.A call to embrace the God-given courage living inside you from host of the That Sounds Fun podcast and bestselling author Annie F. Downs.How often does fear hold you back from the very things you most want to taste, touch, and experience? New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker Annie F. Downs admits she\'s not exactly the bravest woman in the world. Even as an adult, she still cries sometimes when she leaves her parents\' home in Georgia, she\'s never jumped out of a plane, and she only rides roller coasters to impress guys. But Annie knows that courage resides inside each and every one of us, and she\'s on a mission to conquer her own fears while encouraging you to do the same.Let\'s All Be Brave is more than a book; it\'s a battle cry. Annie uses honest and often humorous illustrations from her own life, contemporary real-life examples from the lives of others, and fascinating biblical stories to challenge you to:Discover God\'s surprising answers to overcoming fear, uncertainty, and anxietyLet go of the things that hold you back--relationships, comfort zones, expectations, and moreSay yes to both small and big thingsLive boldly and sacrificially for God and othersHold on to hope, trust God, and be brave no matter your circumstancesThis book is your call to step into those places that require courage, giving you the help you need to take the next step forward--even when it\'s scary.